5 Ways a Business Accountant Saves You Time and Money

Posted on February 22nd, 2019

As a small business owner, you have to be careful about budgeting your money so that you have the capital your business needs to grow. When you’re used to handling the business on your own, it may seem like outsourcing your accounting is an unnecessary expense.

What most business owners don’t realize is that a professional accountant can save them both money and time, making it a significantly worthwhile investment regardless of the size of your business. A professional accountant can be an invaluable tool, and free you up to concentrate on the more creative aspects of your business.


If you’ve never created a bookkeeping system, the chances are good that you’ve had to learn as you go. While you can pick up a lot about bookkeeping while running a business, inexperience can also leave you open to mistakes that you won’t catch until it ends up costing you money.

A business accountant can help you organize your books, optimize your filing, and create time-saving accounting strategies you can use in your day-to-day business. They’ll also generate reports for you and help you keep your accounting up-to-date, so you have a better understanding of how much capital you have on hand.

Cash-flow Management

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is failing to plan for fluctuations in cash flow. Several factors can affect how much money you make at different times of the year; anticipating and planning for these variations will ensure you continue to thrive, even during slow seasons and unexpected events.

Accountants can examine your cash flow and help you identify patterns to create a forecast of future earnings. This will allow you to anticipate when you’ll have the most resources to make large purchases and upgrades effectively.

Tax Planning & Preparation

A huge advantage of a professional accountant is their knowledge of tax laws and regulations. Not only can they save you time in filing, but they can help you predict how new laws and regulations will affect you in the next tax season. They can work with you to devise strategies that help you lower liability and take advantage of potential deductions.

Budget Creation

A working budget is essential to a functioning business, but many owners have difficulty building consistency and diligence in this area. A professional accountant can help you to craft a working budget that allows you to allocate funds where they’re needed, while still keeping cash available for unexpected events. A budget is also ultimately important for getting your business to function without eating into your profit margins.

Business Optimization

With all the responsibilities you have to manage, it can be easy to overlook processes and procedures your business may have outgrown, which could be blocking your path to success. An accountant provides a second pair of eyes and can help you identify weak points and streamline your business operations.

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