Tax Problem Resolution

Palm Beach Gardens Tax Problem Resolution

IRS penalties can provide additional strain to personal and professional finances, and often lead to the exacerbation of present monetary stresses. At Siegerman & Company, we provide tax problem resolution services, allowing you to get your finances in order, and creating a payment plan that meets your individual or professional budgetary requirements.

Our Coral Springs firm assists individuals and businesses in settling problems that arise from:

·         Non-Filed Tax Returns

·         Payroll Tax Problems

·         Back Taxes Owed

·         Misfiled Tax Returns

·         Spousal Tax Burden

Avoiding Levies and Liens

Continual tax penalties can make paying back your tax liability and back taxes difficult or impossible. A lien against your property is a preemptive measure taken by the IRS. While this does not mean that the IRS will immediately begin seizing your property, it does limit your ability to attain credit in the future and may stay in effect after a declaration of bankruptcy.

At Siegerman & Company, we work with the IRS to attain: a discharge, removing the lien from your property; a subordination, allowing your other creditors to take priority over the IRS; a withdrawal, allowing you to be free of the lien against your property. The options available depend upon the unique nature of each case, but our Coral Springs accountants always work towards the most effective solutions from the available options.

If you have experienced a tax problem or have an outstanding tax liability, the IRS will attempt to contact you. If they are unable to reach you with Notice and Demand of Payment, the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, and the Notice of Your Right to a Hearing, the IRS will move forward with a levy. Levies are claims against your property or right to property, meaning that the IRS will be able to seize and sell property you own in an effort to cover debts. This can also come in the form of property that belongs to you, but is not held in your possession, such as:

-          Wages

-          Tax Refunds

-          Bank Accounts

-          Accounts Receivable

-          Commissions

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If you or your business are facing penalties and financial hardships that result from tax problems, professional assistance can help you to avoid overly damaged credit and excessive payment plans. Contact Siegerman & Company today, where we provide tax problem resolution for individuals and businesses for Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas. 

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