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At Siegerman & Company, we are committed to helping you in a reliable, timely, and friendly manner. We provide individuals and small business owners with support in business and tax services in Palm Beach Gardens. Our team ensures you can get back to running and managing the daily operations of your venture, while we perform the necessary tasks of back-office tax and financial statement preparation. For non-business owners, our individual accounting services include strategic tax filing.

Since 1983, our traditional family firm has been providing proactive, affordable services performed by CPAs and tax professionals to Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Rivera Beach, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and all of Palm Beach County and Broward County. We also have a satellite office in Coral Springs and Parkland. Call us today and find out how our services can save you time and money!

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Palm Beach & Broward County Payroll Services

Our sister company, Grand Slam Payroll Services ( provides a full-service payroll solution where you can pay your employees through direct deposit, while we take care of filing your payroll tax returns and paying your payroll taxes. With the ease of our mobile-compatible site, Grand Slam Payroll Services ( makes running payroll simple and affordable, so you can focus on running your business.

Organizing and distributing payroll are extensive tasks that few business owners have time for. Siegerman & Company regularly performs payroll services for new ventures and existing businesses that require additional support. We help business owners to understand what goes into processing their payroll and can even draft paychecks for their employees. These services also ensure that payroll taxes are fully and regularly paid, helping your business to avoid any unnecessary fines. We serve the entire state of Florida with all your payroll service needs.

Client-Focused Tax Planning around West Palm Beach

We understand that tax planning goes beyond tax season. During comprehensive tax planning for small businesses and individuals, we take the time to truly understand your goals. Siegerman & Company ensure clients are fully prepared when it comes time to file. Waiting to do so can lead to overpayments, which places a significant burden on personal and business finances. We help identify potential credits and deductions before coming up with an actionable plan to lower your tax liability.

Tax Preparation near West Palm Beach

In addition to performing comprehensive tax planning, we offer filing services for current and delinquent taxes. Proper and timely filing ensures that businesses do not suffer from potentially costly fines. Filing services are also available to those who do not have a social security number but pay taxes through an IRS ID. If you have back taxes owed, allow us to file necessary documents so personal property or wages are not seized to reduce or pay off unpaid taxes.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals if you Live Palm Beach County or Broward County, Florida

The entire team at our firm enjoys helping clients achieve their financial goals, whether they need individual or business services in Palm Beach Gardens. We work with a wide variety of industries, including marine construction and landscaping. From small daycares in Coconut Creek to attorneys in Coral Springs, we can help you navigate business incorporation, formation, taxes, and accounting processes. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for comprehensive accounting, tax, and payroll services.

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