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Business Tax Services In Palm Beach Gardens

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Taxes are often complicated, but when filing for your business, the stakes become significantly higher. Failing to file on time, not reporting income, or being unaware of new regulations can open up the possibility of audits and costly fines. Having the assistance of an experienced accounting professional can save your business a lot of effort, stress, and money by making sure the job is done well and on time.

Siegerman & Company provides expert tax preparation services to businesses across Palm Beach Gardens and the South Florida area. Don't leave your business taxes up to guesswork; contact us for a free phone consultation today!

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Comprehensive and Sound Reports

Having a complete and accurate picture of your business is the first step to creating a successful strategy. Correctly prepared financial statements can offer valuable information about areas of weakness and strength. A variety of reports together creates a vital source of information that can be used to predict tax liability and prospective investments. Some of the financial statements we provide include:

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit/Loss Statements
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Risk Management Comparisons
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Accounts Receivable and ROI

Corporate Income Taxes

Your company's income has to meet specific taxation regulations depending on the type of entity. Understanding which forms to file and how to complete them can be complex. Siegerman & Company can help you prepare and file the correct forms and vigilantly watch for any errors as well as potential deductions so that you pay only what you need to.

4 Common Tax Filing Issues for Business Owners

We've worked with many different types of businesses, and we know the challenges you face. Our goal is to bring precision and simplicity to what is often a complicated and weighty process. With our expertise, you can avoid these common business tax pitfalls:

  1. Unclear personal and business expenses
  2. Failure to withhold payroll taxes
  3. Misplaced receipts and expense logs
  4. Missed deduction opportunities

Payroll Taxes

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Business owners spend a significant amount of time filling out payroll tax paperwork for the federal government. The tight regulations mean that your company must be careful when filing if you want to avoid an audit. We help you file at each quarter, taking care to correctly evaluate and address the rate of taxes withheld and your company's tax liability.

The IRS has policies for filing tax cases against owners and managers when income taxes are not withheld and promptly sent to the IRS. Payroll audits can be intimidating, but it is possible to fulfill the requirements, stay compliant, and protect your business. The quicker we assess your employees and comply with the requests of the IRS, the better off your business will be.

Sales Tax Filing

Like payroll, there are specific filing requirements regarding tax payments collected from sales, and all must be filed within the same quarterly schedule. Late filing can result in serious fines, costing you valuable capital that your business could use for vital growth. We help you organize and quantify your sales tax liability and file returns efficiently and promptly.

Organization and Planning

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Our tax preparation services let you make the most of effective tax planning, helping you to see the payoff of intentional strategies your business has used throughout the year. Many companies find that deductions and reduced errors at tax time can increase the bottom line when properly paired with a winning tax strategy.

Whether you run a large corporation or a small store, tax time comes for everyone, every year. While many businesses wait until the end of the fiscal year to prepare for their taxes, there are many benefits you can take advantage of by getting a head start and planning your taxes throughout the year.

Valuations to Empower Company Growth

A thorough business valuation can be an invaluable tool in business planning. The right valuation allows you to draft a plan that will emphasize your strengths and minimize vulnerabilities. A balanced business is also poised to receive a better market price, leading to stronger valuations in the future.

Valuations and Taxes

Certain types of business valuations may be needed when filing taxes, but they're also frequently used in the tax planning process. Having your business entity rebranded can open up opportunities to save on taxes throughout the year using various strategies. It could also profoundly impact tax liability in estate and gift taxes.

Why Visit a Specialized Tax Professional?

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Your business is a unique vertical that requires specific knowledge to reap the full benefits of working within that industry. Without the right planning and preparation of all correct forms, small business owners can face steep penalties that can easily be avoided.

Whether you are a sole-proprietorship, an LLC, or partnership, we have the expertise necessary to correctly interpret the laws and regulations associated with your industry. We can often recommend the best way to lessen the impact of liabilities and losses on long-term gains. Whether this means creating a multi-year tax plan or selecting an alternate entity designation, the guidance of our professional tax services helps you enjoy long-term success.

Tax Liability and Being Prepared

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Income tax liability is the amount of debt owed based on income earned and sales of assets. These liabilities can add up to thousands of dollars, which is not something you want to be surprised by if these have not been accurately tracked and estimated. With careful and deliberate planning, you can accurately track and project your taxable income, modifying taxes owed to state and federal revenue agencies.

At Siegerman & Company, we go beyond compliance and work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy focused on saving your business the most money on taxes. Our services include:

  • E-Filing
  • Year-Round Tax Planning
  • Business & Corporate Tax Preparation

Year-Round Tax Planning in Palm Beach

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A crucial part of remaining in compliance and securing maximum profits is developing a tailored tax plan to account for future purchases and income. Saving on tax expenses can significantly increase the amount of money you can use as capital to re-invest into your company or expand other business endeavors. Actions such as contributing to tax-deferred retirement accounts or correctly filing expenses can alleviate the burden of taxes paid as a result of a lack of information.

Siegerman & Company provides expert services in tax planning and can make sure your documents are accurate and filled. We leave no stone unturned when protecting your financial future. Our goal is to ensure you remain prepared and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Flexible Outsourced Accounting In Palm Beach Gardens

Siegerman & Company provides accounting services that are tailored to the needs of your company, whether you require accurate tax filing, accounting, or oversight in setting up a new business. To learn more about how we can benefit your Palm Beach Gardens business, contact our friendly, experienced team today!

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